Portrait Art by Jeff Clinch

Jeff Clinch


All the portraits are original works. One-off paintings that (unless some miscreant has copied them) are not to be found in any store.


Almost all have been commissioned by individuals, the others are projects that I wanted to paint.


Despite the necessary photographic reference, the source material has been reimagined and redesigned to show a range of styles, textures, colours and ideas. The medium is a mix of acrylic and gouache.


Whether it’s a favourite celebrity, friend, colour or image, each one has been produced to be unique to the client. Their input is vital, enabling me to suggest alternatives to what they originally may have wanted or expected.


This art then, is a collaboration. It’s what makes the finished portraits so individual. If you have a hobby, an interest or obsession, a liking or love for a particular style, genre or relative, the art accommodates your tastes.


The very reasonable prices, for a very original piece of art, vary according to the complexity of the artwork and canvas size.

About the Art