Portrait Art by Jeff Clinch

Jeff Clinch

My professional career spanned more than 25 years in the UK Advertising industry.


I began as an illustrator and graphic designer but soon moved on to becoming, for the majority of my career, an Art Director.


Almost a decade was spent honing my creative skills at (name drop) Saatchi & Saatchi.

Not bad for someone who was kicked out of art college!


The challenge in that industry was, every day, to be contemporary. To understand trends and tastes, have a vast knowledge (both current and historical) of film, music, art, photography, design, fashion etc. And to use that learning to create something original.


Every commercial, every advert and poster required a theme, an idea. Today, all that experience is reflected in the portraits.


While each one is tailored to the clients requirements and tastes, none are simply a reproduction of a photograph, but a considered thought process that makes the portraits unique to that individual and one of a kind.

About the Artist